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I have several feelings and expectations going into this project. I am very excited about this project because I love participating in fundraisers and walks that benefit wonderful charities. Now that we are able to participate in a charity walk for math class, I am especially excited. My mom and I are participating in the Children’s Medical Center Red Balloon Run and Relay on October 22, 2011. I am looking forward to participating in this walk, especially since my mom and I are walking together. My mom and I are very close and we talk a lot and we spend a lot of time together, so this will give us some more time to spend time with each other and bond. My mom also works at Children’s Medical Center, so walking for the hospital means a lot to her and Children’s has taken care of me several times in the past when I have been sick, so participating in this walk is very important to both my mom and I. I also feel very apprehensive and anxious about this project as well. I am anxious to see how well my Runkeeper app works during the walk. I can’t wait to see how the app tracks my elevation, pace, speed, distance, etc. I am very curious to know how the walk goes and I can’t wait until it starts.

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